Our Services

Over the years designs in ceiling systems and partitionings have evolved and now offer a wider range to compliment your business type, decor and surroundings.

A well planned and designed floor space can create the ultimate working environment, whilst a well planned ceiling system can make a good impression to any business.

Coombs Suspended Ceilings supply and install a wide range of ceilings to suit the needs of our clients, not only are they decorative they also offer other beneficial factors such as:

Hiding sightly wires, pipes, and ducting
Thermal and acoustic insulation
Moiture Resistant
Fire Resistant
Energy Efficient
Cost Effective

Our dedicated team of experienced and skilled tradesmen also specialise in paritioning and Dry Lining. We offer a range of partitions, each offering their own unique advantages:


Metal Stud

Jumbo Stud

Fully Galzed



When installing a suspended ceiling you will gain a large space in the ceiling void, without added insulation to your ceiling the heat from your room can escape throught the tiles into the ceiling losing valuable heat and costing you larger energy bills. Insulation for your suspended ceiling can offer many benefits to your business or home:

Sound Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Fire Safety/Protection

Energy Efficient


Improves Humidity/Moisture

Cost Effective



If you would like more information about the services we offer, please email us at enquiries@coombsceilings.co.uk or call 01427872709.